Our Story

Linen Farm

What began as a long anticipated sisters trip to explore our Baltic heritage evolved into the creation of Linen Farm.


Our lifelong love affair with linen began with a few precious linen tablecloths woven by our grandmother and given to each sister. As one of the few family belongings that survived the atrocities of WWII, this was, and always will be a treasured family heirloom.


We grew up on a farm which explains our name and our intention to grow our collection, always with a touch of natural chic. Scarves have always been an essential part of our wardrobes so it only seemed natural to first launch Linen Farm with our favourite fashion accessory.


We believe in slow fashion and were delighted to bring classic clothing pieces to our collection to be enjoyed in your wardrobe for years to come.


As we continue to grow and our passion for linen and commitment to producing quality products remains, we are excited to introduce our Linen Farm Home Collection, designed with our usual high standards of quality and functionality… all values that matter to us.


We created this line based on our love of nature, colour and texture using fine European linen. We are proud to say “Designed in Canada, Made in Europe”, ethically. We hope you will enjoy our Linen Farm products every day, for all reasons and seasons!